Kiru Bee (nadadoll) wrote in roxycomics,
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give me some sign to pursue

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Yaaaaaay! For comic!

Oh, and! Last line is the best. Line. Ever.
Firstly, I qould like to applaud your talents which are brilliantly displayed throughout the entirety of this comic. The Character development is spectacular, the artwork amazing, and the humor sensational. I would very much like to see some future comics, but i would understand the discouragement you might feel given a small fanbase.

good luck to you and i hope to see a continuation of this story.

Gee, thanks! And let me assure you that though the fanbase is small, and the updates desultory (due to an interesting schedule and laid-back work ethic), I won't stop doing Roxycomics until I'm done or dead. But I do always appreciate encouragement, Greg...Danny...McSmith.
It's Greg, Danny Keith McSmith is a nicname of mine. I'm glad to hear that you will continue the comic. i greatly enjoy your work.